Kelninjo-Mae (N Gauge)

Layout Description

This layout is a rebuilt from an older pair of daughter boards similar to those used for”Anvilton” but, to allow the stock to be run at “high” speed have been pemanently bolted together to form an 8ft long module

The track plan was modeled as a fictitious model of a Japanese station whose traffic consists of several sets of Diesel Motor Passenger Units, Excursion Sets, Diesel Freight, Engineering Trains and several Electric Sets of Mainline Passenger, Sleepers and Container Traffic. The occasional Bullet Train will make an appearance as ‘line tolerances’ permit. Though there is, as yet, no overhead electrification catenary, the unique Japenese Railway’s system of using Generator Cars to enable electric locomotives to work over non powered rails is clearly in evidence. This system, developed to overcome problems caused by earthquakes disrupting power supplies allows us to show some different types of locos and trains.

Here are some pictures of the layout. First is a general view of the full station, then a closeup of the platforms and finally of the small engine shed.

As our club has quite a fewl members whose stock not only supports Japanese railways but American rolling stock and this module has doubled up as an American station at some shows under the name “Redwood Junction”. In this guise, the station buildings are replaced..
This layout is only operated in the 11ft size.

    Layout Operation

    This layout can be run with only 2 operators, one for each main line.

    Track Plan & Exhibition Floor Space Requirements

    The layout’s overall measurements is 11ft x 3ft with an extra 2 ft is required along the front of the layout to allow for barrier space.