Anvilton (N Gauge)

Layout Description

Though a fictitious layout, Anvilton may give the viewers the impression that it could possibly be a location on the ‘Settle to Carlisle’ line as the structures displayed on the layout are based on actual buildings seen along this historic route.

Originally built on 2 4ft modules having a station and a passing loop, it can now been extended to 13ft with the extension featuring a viaduct that enhances the belief that this is a model of part of the ‘Settle to Carlisle’ line. This layout can either be displayed as 11ft or 16ft in any format from early BR to the latest Diesel period.

“Anvilton” station is presently built on the left hand daughter boards with the loop approaches to the station being on the other daughter board. The end curves of the mother boards have “hill & tunnel” scenic modules which allows the ends to be married to any other front boards that may be built.

Can you find the climbers scaling the rock face.

    Layout Operation

    This layout can be run with only 2 operators, one for each main line.

    Track Plan & Exhibition Floor Space Requirements

    The layout’s overall measurements are either 11ft x 3ft or 16ft x 3ft. An extra 2 ft is required along the front of the layout to allow for barrier space with a minimum of 4ft at the rear for operator space.