Layout Description

This layout is terminus to fiddle yard layout designed for purely DCC operation.

The station has 2 platforms with a central track acting as a release road for the inner track. Just outside the station there is a small goods & coal yard. The trains run from the station via double track formation to a 5 road turntable/traverser for stock storage.

The main station building is modeled on the station building at Kirkcudbright and is a ’00’ version of the building on our ‘0’ gauge layout “Kirkcudbe”.

It can be run in late BR steam and diesel eras.

Here are some photos of the layout taken at our show at the Citadel Centre, Ayr.

    Layout Operation

    This layout requires 2-3 operators.

    Track Plan & Exhibition Floor Space Requirements

    The layout’s overall measurements is 24ft x 2ft with a minimum of 3 ft is required along the rear of the layout to allow for the operators
    As the layout uses a 6 ft turntable/traverser, at least 3ft on both front and back is required at one end to allow the turntable to be rotated.